Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Massenet Cendrillon - full download

Massenet's Cendrillon at the Royal Opera House with Joyce DiDonato in the lead sounds like a lot of fun! Cannot miss, with her singing in a bright, breezy production. The photo shows the fairies in the 1899 premiere. Leaden stage but look at their wings! Can they "fly"? Maybe those girdles are turbo charged. Seated is Julia Guiraudon the first ever Massenet Cendrillon.

HERE is a full download of a live performance on Christmas Day, 1943 in occupied Paris. Sound quality is quaint, but it is an interesting historic performance. Listen specially for Jean Guilhem who sings Le Prince Charmante. The role was originally written for a Falcon, a voice type almost unique to French repertoire - darker than soprano, but brighter than many mezzos. Guilhem is interesting as he's a very high tenor, ranging towards countertenor. True falcons must be pretty rare and most audiences wouldn't relate to a male soprano.  At the Royal Opera House, the part is taken by Alice Coote. So everyone's happy!

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