Friday, 2 December 2011

Aki, nobody knows tomorrow

Last year someone did a "life satisfaction" survey and Nigeria came out tops. Here's a classic from Nigeria in the 70's. "This life is wonderful, but don't be proud because you have it, it comes from God" (ie fate)  "Almighty" he sings after a short pause "Pickin-o good-o, if you get, if you no gettem.... . "Money is good-o, money good-o, we know, if you get, but don't laugh, many people no get's...but if you no gets, make you no cry, first time is the best. Opportunity comes but once in this world. Who knows tomorrow, my friend? Nobody knows tomorrow...."  Prince Nico Mbarga wrote Sweet Mother the all-time iconic African classic, known all over the world now. He didn't make mega money and his music career dropped off the radar. Eventually he was killed in a bike accident, still young.  But he lives on in his music. Trusty regular African specialist reader says, "Pickin means child in West African slang, and may come from the Portuguese pequeno. Prince Nico was very family oriented, so to him having children was maybe more valuable than having money."

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