Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Verdi La Forza del Destino - Paris

If you, like me, have a weak spot for Verdi's La Forza del Destino, any production is interesting. It's notoriously hard to stage.Too much realism makes this high kitsch tale wackier than it needs to be.  Even Caruso and Ponselle (photo left) make it look camp. But the rousing, hyper-emotional music makes the opera fun.

Please read Jim Sohre's review Drapes 'n' Drops in Paris Forza of the current La Forza del Destino at the Bastille in Paris. Philippe Jordan conducts, brilliantly. Full webcast on Medici TV. Marcelo Alvarez and Violeta Urmana, who has created Leonora several times, and Kwangchul Youn, who must make Fra Melitone an overwhelming figure.  I'm now listening to the medici tv webcast, it's WONDERFUL!  Orchestrally amazing and very good singing - this score is full of killer star turns, and they all come through. I will watch again and again and write up over Xmas  HERE is the link to Jim's review in Opera Today

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