Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Quqin Master

Master of the Quqin, Zhang Ziqian (张子谦)(1899-1991) plays Pingsha Luoyan (Geese Descending on the Sandbank),  (平沙落雁) , one of his great classics. The quqin is a seven stringed instrument, smaller than the guzheng, and without bridges. Zhang came from Yangzhou in Jiangsu, on the coast south of Shanghai. There's a long bio of him on Toudo the Chinese TV clip channel, from which this is taken (for educational and fair use principles). I love the description! Wild geese are flying south for the winter and rest for a moment on a sandbank in the shallows of a river. They are at peace, but alert to their surroundings. Rather a good metaphor for this contemplative but acutely sensitive music.

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