Friday, 14 December 2012

La Diva delivers, Renée Fleming Barbican

Renée Fleming's recital at the Barbican London focused on composers active in Vienna in the decades spanning the 19th and 20th centuries - that "golden" epoch . And to her credit, she sang Schoenberg, Wolf, Mahler, Korngold and Zemlinsky with Strauss for encores. . Read the full review in Opera Today, it's the kind of musical analysis that's so good to read. But let's face it, many in the audience went for La Diva, who delivered.

"she deserved the adulation and the rapturous standing ovation: it was clear that she could ask her voice to do whatever she willed, confident that the result would be technically masterful yet seem effortlessly articulated. Just one tiny, humble, suggestion: if your feet can’t be seen beneath the taffeta fanfares, there’s no point crippling yourself in tottering, un-walkable Louboutins — when you sing this gloriously, flat pumps will do!"

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