Friday, 14 December 2012

Terfel speaks : Der fliegende Hollander

On Saturday 15/12, Bryn Terfel sings Der Fliegende Holländer at The Royal Festival Hall, in a non-staged version from Zurich Opera. HERE IS MY REVIEW.  Here is a link to an interview Terfel gave to a Swiss reporter.   "It's young Wagner" says Bryn, "He was like a scientist, finding out new things himself. There are bits of Fidelio in here and Italianate qualities.". Terfel says coyly that  he hopes that in time he'll be considered a great Wagner singer, "a lyric Wagner-based bass baritone but with intensity". But what's even more interesting is to watch Terfel's body language and listen to the way he plays with the interviewer,. He's telling us much more about himself  than his words do.  HERE is another link to a photo gallery on the Zurich Opera site.

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