Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Hansel and Gretel Glyndebourne Prom

Glyndebourne normally comes to the Proms at the start of the season, clashing with performances at Lewes. Now it leads the treats nearer the close of the Proms, when we need extra goodies. "Saving for dessert". Not a bad idea with a production of the Humperdinck meringue that reminds us that excess consumerism isn't a good thing.

Concert stagings are an art form. The more rigorous the constraint, the more depends on the wit of the director. No scenery to fall back on. At this Prom, the witch's house was a miniature mock-up of the Royal Albert Hall itself, which does kind of look like a round domed cake.  Haha! Resist the temptation to read deeply into that. They didn't do a giant  pork barrel.  Here is Opera Today's description of Prom 61.

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