Monday, 21 March 2011

"Inside Song" conference, London

"What do we do when we perform song live in concert? Is good art song performance really good poetry performance? What is "liveness" and what role might it play in facilitating performer creativity in concert? What is the performativity of poetry, and what is its impact (if any) on what art song performers can (and cannot) do creatively in concert? What can art song performers learn from professional actors, and poets?"

Not my words, but from an invitation to a "strongly cross-disciplinary, performance-led research event", held under the auspices of the SongArt Performance Research Group, a newly formed research arm of the Institute of Musical Research. (who did the Ferneyhough conference)

For more details, see their site The focus is on Lieder and art song, with emphasis on performance values. Very good speakers - Amanda Glauert, Kathryn Whitney and Sholto Kynoch

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