Friday, 2 March 2012

Alice Herz Sommer - life is a gift

"Hatred eats the soul of the hater, not that of the hater" - Alice Herz Sommer, who will be 109 in November. She survived Theresienstadt as one of the camp musicians, so she knows extreme suffering more than most. Yet she's positive and takes each day as "a gift". And she gives back to the world.  Alice is positive therapy. "Music is God", she has said, in difficult times you feel it most". Think of the famous quandary, is a glass half full or half empty? But some will think, "completely full" as the other half is air, without which we cannot live. Drink it gratefully!  Some people, alas, get their kicks out of being miserable and inflicting it on everyone else. Not Alice!

There is a new book about Alice in the pipeline,  I've only seen the promo video. So enjoy this 2010 interview above,  read the first biography "A Garden of Eden in Hell" and watch the 2004 video below

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