Saturday, 10 March 2012

Anna Netrebko lets rip for the women of the world !

Normally I run miles from stuff like Women in the World, so pious and earnest! Real women are busy getting on with things. But this year Anna Netrebko got invited to do the "women in the arts" slot and she wowed them dead. Remember this was for people who don't listen to classical music usually, so the idea is to blast them off their feet. Which Trebs knows how to do. She's pretty down to earth, I think, and has often been spotted incognito at the Royal Opera House. Last time, she was there, for Don Giovanni, to watch Erwin Schrott undress (which she can do at home), she was sitting two seats from me. Nobody noticed, since many of the audience were first timers, which must have miffed her. At first I looked at her friend, who had a  family resemblance, and was stunningly attired. They rushed off after the first act but returned early for the second. I was meditating, as I do in spare moments, and felt a presence beside me. Looking up, straight at La Trebs, not two feet away. Beatific smile from her, genuinely friendly, though she didn't have a clue who I was. I smiled back, she smiled again. Lovely! So watch her as she shows a non-music audience what her job involves.

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