Saturday, 6 November 2010

1894 Native Americans

Another film by Thomas Edison. He invented so much, but even better, he used his inventions for good purposes.  Here is a film of an unknown Native American nation dancing in Edison's studio. Two of them are "buffalos", one is a hunter. The sound clip is a recording of authentic Native American singing recorded in 1895. Buffalos used to range in their millions across North American but were quickly made almost extinct. Like the Natives, too.  Ethnic Cleansing - no whitewash.  Below is a clip of what was left of various Nations in the South East of the US. Thousands of peoipole from Florida, to Louisiana, all the way up to Kentucky etc, forcibly deported from wherever they came from, herded like animals into camps where their identity was eroded. At least further west the pressure was less intense and some nations survived better. Now there are almost no genuine unmixed Natives in the south east. But in this film some of them still act out what they knew, even if they're wearing jeans.

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