Thursday, 1 September 2011

NEWSFLASH Uproar at the BBC Proms

NEWSFLASH, uproar at BBC Prom 62, Zubin Mehta conducting the Israel Philharmonic. Extremely safe repertoire (which is why I wasn't listening) so the protestors are clearly using the concert for non-musical reasons. You can hear the first part of the uproar on the broadcast where people are shouting, then they cut to a recording. Was anyone there in person?

Latest I've heard : The people shouting Out! Out! are audience to protesters, not protestors to performers. The arena crowd are used to organizing themselves. It strikes me as counter-productive to annoy thousands of other people to promote a cause, regardless of what the cause might be.


Alex London said...

I was there last night and it started at the beginning of the Bruch with about 15 protesters each holding letters that said Free Palestine who were chanting to Ode to Joy. The entire audience was shouting in unison to go home and many other colourful things. Security was swift to escort and sometimes carry the protesters away. This was repeated 5 times with several of the exchanges becoming violent with audience members exchanging blows with the protesters. Once again security was swift to escort, and sometimes drag and carry them away. I like you refuse to get involved in politics and have nothing to say on that matter. The important thing is that despite repeated efforts to stop the performance the IPO continued playing and playing exceptionally well! Alex

Alex London said...

Further to my previous comment, none of the protesters were in the arena or gallery all in seats or boxes. As an arena season ticket holder I was proud that no promenaders were involved, save one Israeli who was asked to leave the arena for waving an Israeli flag. The music rose above the protests and for me made each note extra special.

Doundou Tchil said...

Thanks Alex. It's good to know regular Prommers aresensible. What mandate do these protestors have and from whom? Their actions have completely the opposite effect to promoting the cause.

Unknown said...

Advancing or promoting a worthy cause does not give anyone the license to act like hooligans.