Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Whistling tunes from Boulez

"It was a beautiful day and guess what? I found I was whistling tunes from Boulez!" says Barabra Hannigan, who's singing Pli selon Pli on Sunday 2nd October, part of the three-day Boulez retrospective Exquisite Labyrinth at the South Bank, London. "It’s just very beautiful in the way it unfolds. What I love about Boulez is the way the music is very strict in its structure but inside it’s beautifully fluid. It feels like I’m singing liquids of all different colours and viscosities, which are constantly changing.”Read more in this interview here Hannigan speaks with Ivan Hewett.

Read my post from March 1st about the Boulez marathon HERE. With persistence, I managed to bookstraight away tho' some tickets weren't yet online. Full details from the South Bank HERE. The series is curated by Pierre-Laurent Aimard

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Cité de la musique has today also posted this free video of the concert at Salle Pleyel: