Thursday, 8 September 2011

Ruhr Trienniale - Tristan und Isolde, Decker

Not being a special fan of Willy Decker, it was interesting to read about his staging of Wagner Tristan und Isolde at the Ruhr Trienniale. Here's a report by James Sohre, also not usually a fan of abstraction. "If reassurance is needed (and I fear it is, oh how it is) that a gifted creative team can not only brilliantly innovate, but also genuinely serve the composer’s intent, this production was proof positive. I am not sure the last time I was so captivated by a creation of modern art, as I was taken by the massive and utterly simple set design by Wolfgang Gussmann."

It helps a lot that the conduuctor is Kirill Petrenko. No megastar singers at Riuhr (it's not that kind of place) but if a production can convert this way, it can't be bad. Please read the full review in Opera Today.  "Luminous", says Sohre.

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