Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Oldest Recording in the world?

Is this the oldest recording in the world? The original was made by inventor Emile Berliner,m who patented the first gramophone technology in 1887. The recording itself was lost, but a photograph was printed in a German magazine of 1890. With modern technogy, which I can't comprehend,  it's now possible to hear the recording again., Please read this article about the discovery. There's a soundclip, too. It's Emile Berliner himself reading a verse from Schiller.

Lots more on this site about very early recordings, like Theo Wangemann's first ever Schubert recording 1890!   Wangemann worked for Thomas Ediuson who really got recording off the ground. He'sthe one who from m189 was in Europe rrecording Bismark, bvon Moltke and Jiohannes Brahms himself, the first  recording savvy composer. Follow the link above for sound clip. Elsewhere on this site, the first ever Carmen recording (1905) and clips of composers  recording their own muisc. Even Brahms, playing Brahms ! Mahler playing Mahler, Grieg playing Grieg and Jascha Heifetz before his voice broke.  

photo: Ludmila Pilecka

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