Tuesday, 17 September 2013

"1000 people shouting" BCMG 2013/14

A piece for 1000 people shouting in the street? The Birmingham Contemporary Music Group thinks so. They've commissioned David Lang's "marvellously crazy idea"for a major piece for outdoor performance, with a vast community of singers, perhaps involving movement in some way, and to a text of his own writing. BCMG has faith in David Lang. They premiered his My Evil Twin in 1992 and The Passing Measures in 1998. The first was for 14 performers, the second for 43 performers.  Stephen Newbould, artistic director for BCMG, says: "With David one always feels a gauntlet is being thrown down, and all one can do is pick it up".  Crowd Out is a work "with no instruments, other than the human voice (whispering, chanting, singing as well as shouting) and a work for anyone to perform alonside musicians of BCMG". In June 2014, Millennium Point in Birmingham will be a stunning setting for this unique experience.

But first, BCMG starts its 2013/14 season on October 6th with a concert conducted by Oliver Knussen in a programme that includes Ligeti's Chamber Comncerto, the full orchestral version of Schoenberg's Five Orchestral Pieces and work by Alexander Goehr, Niccolò Castiglioni and Helen Grime. Knussen and the BCMG will appear at the Barbican in May 2014 for Harrison Birtwistle's 80th Birthday celebrations. They'll also be appearing in April at the Library of Congress in Washington DC and later at the Wigmore Hall, London.

"New music isn't scary if you start young, without hangups. BCMG does a lot with young musicians and with families. In January, they're doing an inventive programme round Thomas Adès' Living Toys, weaving theatrical and visual elements with music to create colourful and engaging concerts to ignite young imaginations."

Plus recording plans and other premieres. More here. .

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