Friday, 7 October 2011

Pop song for Sun Yat Sen

October 10th is the 100th anniversary of the uprising that led to the collapse of the Emperor system in China, and the foundation of the Republic of China. It was a small scale local uprising in South China, but unlike most cataclysmic revolutions it was relatively peaceful. Four thousand years of the old system wouldn't change overnight, thus decades of struggle to follow. But Sun Yat Sen was an idealist and non-violent. He could've usurped power like most leaders but instead, he realized that changing systems meant changing minds. Thus the ideals of San Men Ju I (the Three People's Principles) and later the May Fourth modernizing movement. Here is a popular hit tune about Dr Sun. Not many countries do pop songs about historic figures. (Nelson Mandela excepted)


Nick said...

It is better than One Like Putin at least

Doundou Tchil said...

Yow, that's funny ! Pop video by politician !