Friday, 23 July 2010

Guess who's coming to dinner ? Don Giovanni Glyndebourne

Guess who's coming to dinner ? Be careful who you invite. They might just turn up!  Don Giovanni from Glyndebourne on Medici TV tonight Or was, at the time I posted this - suddenly there's a new notice "not available for viewing from UK" perhaps this is because the BBC is showing it at Xmas. But Medici says the film will be available "on demand" at some stage.

Please let me know what it's like especially those who've seen it live. Filmed versions of opera are always different from the real thing because what you're seeing is the view of the auteur, in this case Peter Maniura. A good film director enhances the experience, a bad one kills it. Film and live aren't necessarily the same.

But listen to that amazing playing from the Orchestra of The Age of Enlightenment.  Please see what I wrote about the performance at Glyndebourne..


Unknown said...

I have tried today. Still the same, it does not play FROM the United Kingdom, so I presume those interested have all to wait for the VOD, even in the UK. I did not find it on Arte TV either. But am discovering now the Eschenbach Mahler2 thanks to your post.

Unknown said...

Don Giovanni is now on VOD. On the website I have been attracted to a Teresa Berganza documentary which went beyond my expectations, notably a lovely recital in Aix in the 1960's (where she bows to breathe at some point and the classy public, mislead, applauses) with Montsalvage and habaneras from Spanish Antillas. It also ends wit a moving performance of Falla's Masterful Seven folksongs. Medici media saometime stake time to download. Here the connexion is OK but I will have to retry to get the last three songs!

Doundou Tchil said...

Hello Olivier !!!! Tell me about Don G, please We can't get it in England for legal reasons until next year. Good wishes to you !