Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Idomeneo ENO - surprise!

At last I got round to seeing Idomeneo at ENO.   Some friends advised, go with the lowest possible expectations, so anything positive witll be a plus. Others, on the other hand, said it was  a great experience and misunderstood.  So I kept an open mind. But what a surprise! There were things I utterly loathed and things I utterly loved. So many things to say, but I'm too tired now and in  any case will be at Don Giovanni tomorrow, So, please  watch this space, because I want to do something fairly analytical. What an odd production, such extremes. Not boring though. That's why I want to write something thoughtful, not kneejerk. Chances are, this will be revived, but it could be improved immeasurably next time round.

ENO has been in the storms lately, but it's mostly unfair. That Alfie Boe hooha! Of course it's heartbreaking when the star you love doesn't show. But quite frankly people who go to an opera for a star and not for the opera deserve what they get. They want a consumer product, a moving version of a DVD. Well, that's not real life..The fan missed out on everything else because she didn't care about anything except herself, Alfie included.  Fans like that are unhealthy. They turn their idol into a plastic doll on which to project their needs.  If fans are unreasonable, then their star becomes a liability. They probably don't care, because he's "theirs" then. A pity, because Alfie Boe deserves better.

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