Saturday, 26 May 2012

Jonas Kaufmann out of Les Troyens

Jonas Kaufmann is out of the Royal Opera House Berlioz  Les Troyens next month. He hasn't been well for a while and pulled out of the Met too. Complete sympathy. Singers do not pull out of performances like this without a good reason  Kaufmann's Enée wouyld have been mega high profile, so his decision was not taken lightly.  He's being replaced by Bryan Hymel,. Hymel sang the part successfully last year in Paris, so he knows it well.  Hymel' a lot younger but good, and has the potential to go far. Remember him as The Prince in Dvorak Rusalka? He's also a French repertoire specialist.

He's replaced Jonas K several times before, including once in Munich where the announcement was made minutes before curtain went up. The audience were seated and waiting, and then the Intendant walked in front of the curtain and said Kaufmann was unwell. Naturally, the audience weren't happy. Since Munich is Jonas Kaufmann's home turf, it was pretty intimidating for a young guy to go on.  Hymel had been singing in another opera running at the same time in the house, but it was still quite a challenge. So when that audience applauded at the end,  it meant all the more.

 Berlioz Les Troyens at the Royal Opera House will still be a very major event, whoever is singing. Those who go for a big name might be miffed, but those who go for music will be OK. Let's hope Jonas K recovers well. He shouldn't push himself too much too soon, because he's got to consider the long term effect on his voice.


Jim N said...

Just what kind of protracted infection?
Throat, respiratory, some other body system???

Doundou Tchil said...

Very good point. It can't be simple, because he pulled out of the Met weeks ago and won't be performing until July at least, maybe longer? Whatever it is, let's hope he heals well soon.