Saturday, 7 July 2012

Country house opera, Glastonbury style

Another reason to catch John Barber's new opera Eleanor Vale at Wedmore Opera this coming week (11th, 13th and 14th July)! These men are putting up the opera tent. It's huge. It seats 600! The village of Wedmore is postcard-pretty, real Olde Worlde, though the locals are more posh than rustic. Although the weather is forecast to be wet, the same applies all over the country so you might as well be in Somerset as in London. Avoid Olympics paranoia and traffic chaos and head up the M4. Bring wellies and raincoats. Stilettos not advised. It could be fun, doing Country House Opera, Glastonbury Festival Style. PS. I've just been advised, Wedmore is on high ground - no risk of flooding.  (read more about Eleanor Vale here) And watch the videoclip below. The singer in the clip is not Sarah Minns who is singing Eleanor Vale, but Marie Vassiliou, who is singing the Headmaster's wife.

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