Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Mozart Superstar Nozze Aix broadcast

Hit the Target with Mozart Le nozze di Figaro streamed on Arte tv on 12th July here. This is live from Aix-en-Provence, where hip things happen. Excellent cast : Patricia Petibon, Paul Szot, Malin Byström, Kyle Ketelsen. Conductor is Jérémie Rohrer and film director Andy Sommer, whose work is very good.

If you login an hour earlier you can also catch a documentary Mozart Superstar made for French TV. "Plus fort qu'Elvis, Madonna et Michael Jackson réunis, la plus grande pop star de l'histoire s'appelle Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart."

The photo shows a paper target used in a darts game popular in the 18th century. It depicts Mozart saying farewell to his cousin in Augsburg. Strange subject for target practice! But not so different from modern celebrity merchandisng. Mozart Rockstar, alright!

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